Enter the SHURE STAR Safety Zone

SHURE STAR traffic caution systems and alerts help protect pedestrians, forklifts, and intersections.

Traffic Caution Systems from SHURE STAR, were developed to address the daily hazards of people working with and around industrial forklifts.


Intersection Caution Systems
Designed for high traffic areas, the ICS/VCS alerts forklifts to reduce speed and take precautions when entering the safety zone. The alert systems combine flashing signs, adjustable audible alarm 93dB to 111dB, and visual dome.

These systems are available in two types, the ICS or Intersection Caution System, or the VCS or Vehicle Caution System. The system is self contained, mounts by eye bolts and runs off 120V single phase 5amp power. The ICS/VCS are typically installed over busy forklift intersections which include pedestrian crossings.


Complementary Systems PED & ELF Units
SHURE STAR created the Pedestrian and Forklift Systems for industrial area where doors open from office areas directly into shop floor traffic.

Intersection Caution Systems

High traffic areas are important to protect against accidents. Mirrors reflect oncoming traffic alerting fork lifts and pedestrians. Perfect for areas where front office doors open directly into potential forklift and vehicle traffic. SHURE STAR has the ultimate in safety protection for your employees, contractors and property.

Complementary Systems PED & ELF Units

In addition to intersection dangers, factories often have doors that open from office areas directly into shop floor traffic. Specifically for these instances, SHURE STAR has created the Pedestrian and Forklift Systems that can function as standalone units or as part of a more intricately designed intersection system.

Illustrating how our Caution Systems work to help protect your workplace environment.

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