SHURE STAR’s products offer innovative solutions for any industrial application.

Our industrial doors have been utilized in the automotive industry for many years, and continues to lead the way. Whether it’s small, high cycle doors, or large exterior doors, we have the skill and experience to design and manufacture any door you need.

Industrial Doors by Type: Slide, Swing, and Vertical Lift.


SHURE STAR’s Dominator® door is a great option for loading dock doors.

The Dominator® features impact resistant panels, can withstand high winds, is corrosion resistant, has high insulation value, is lightweight, and offers the option of breakaway panels. All these great features add up to a reliable, safe, high cycle product which out performs the competition.

Loading Dock Doors by Type: Vertical Lift.

Video: SHURE STAR Industrial Vertical Lift Door

SHURE STAR vertical lift Dominator® 4-leaf door with wicket door for an industrial application, operating on a windy day.