SHURE STAR offers a complete line of blast and high pressure resistant doors.

We have designed and built to over 14,000 PSI, making our design capabilities virtually limitless. Designs can consider any combination of performance requirements such as fragmentation, fire resistant, gas tight, seismic conditions, NRC tornado, hurricane or missile impact, and over-pressure. We design to UFC standards, and can include special power operators and FP/AT (force protection / anti terrorism) hardware. We offer many unique solutions for all your protective needs.

Blast Doors by Type: Swing, Slide, and Vertical Lift.

Video: SHURE STAR Blast Proof Door for NASA

BBC Tour Reporter James Burke demonstrates Apollo Saturn emergency precautions with SHURE STAR door in action.


SHURE STAR’s ballistic doors are custom built to suit specific customer needs.

Where possible, Swinging doors are pre-hung with all hardware for easy installation. Our doors are constructed using materials required to meet specific ballistic rating requirements. Other options include view scopes or windows, as well as custom finishes.

Ballistic Doors by Type: Slide, Swing, and Vertical Lift.

Video: SHURE STAR Ballistics Test

Watch professionals take aim to prove a SHURE STAR door has the strength to pass a ballistics test.