Single, double, or multi-panel, SHURE STAR has many options in the slide door category.

These doors are available in manual, electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic operation for openings in a range of door sizes. SHURE STAR slide door  applications include sound inhibiting, fire rated, air tight, gas tight, blast resistant, and radiation shielding.

Sliding Doors by Application: Acoustic, Architectural, Environmental Control, Fire Proof, Caustic/Corrosive, General Industrial. Custom designs are available upon request.

Slide Doors

Single, Double, Multi-Panel

• Advantages - manual, electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic operation, easy release in case of emergency, minimal overhead clearance requirement, can be 4-side supported against load, easy to exterior mount, operation under wind load

• Good Applications - Acoustic, fusible link Fire Doors, Blast Doors – all levels, exterior mount, operate under wind load, Ballistic resistant

*small slide doors can be made/may be preferred for high cycle, high speed