For the best in functionality and visual appeal, look to fold doors from SHURE STAR. We offer four-fold as well as bi-fold and multi-fold configurations.

Fold doors can be constructed using aluminum, stainless steel, wood, or even with Dominator® composite, gel coated panels, and are available with manual, electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic operation.

Fold Doors by Application: Acoustic, Architectural, and Environmental Control.

Architecturally beautiful, offering long lasting and high speed operations, four-fold doors have been a standard for fire houses, sally ports, and industrial applications. Various glazing designs can provide everything from an old world feel, to a modern high tech design for any special application.

Fold Doors

4-Fold, Bi-Fold, and Multi-Fold

• Advantages - minimal headroom and side room required, quickly clears the opening, less clear swing area than normal swing doors, SHURE STAR design can operate 4-fold as independent dual 2-fold, SHURE STAR operator “true” manual release

• Good Applications - areas with minimal head, side and swing area, quick access/egress, architectural appearance