From our Dominator® line, to high speed, to the common dock door - SHURE STAR has done it all!

Our vertical lift doors are available in 1 Leaf through 5 Leaf designs as standard, and can be designed with multi-leaf construction for custom options.

Versatile vertical lift doors can be constructed of steel, stainless steel, wood, glass, composite, and aluminum as required for the application, and are available with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operation.

Vertical Lift Doors by Application: Acoustic, Architectural, Ballistic, Blast and High Pressure, Environmental Control, Industrial Ovens, Fire Proof, Caustic/Corrosive, Explosion Proof, General Industrial, Loading Dock.

SHURE STAR’s heavy duty vertical lift doors are built tough for the most extreme environments. These doors are designed to perform in high winds, high altitude, and severe climates. They’re an excellent choice for almost every application imaginable, including Specialty Architectural designs, Blast, Acoustic, even Ballistic. Our counter-weighted design offers a low maintenance product with a long service life.

If a lighter weight option is what you are looking for, look no further than the Dominator® door series. This series of doors offers lightweight, impact resistant composite panels which are pre-colored to match your design. Other options include breakaway panels, floor mounted operators, and insulated non-steel frame windows. The Dominator® offers high speed and protection from the elements too, making it the perfect choice for industrial applications.

Video: SHURE STAR Vertical Lift 2-Leaf Door

SHURE STAR Dominator® door with full bottom knock-out panel showing ease of reset after impact.

Vertical Lift Doors

1 Leaf through 5 Leaf

• Advantages - counterweighted design allows for smaller operator, minimal moving parts, longevity, speed, low maintenance, security, operation under wind load

• Good Applications - large openings, high cycles, minimal cycle time, low-mid level Blast Doors, Acoustic applications with minimum leafs, locations with ample headroom, minimal side room required, operate under wind load