Put SHURE STAR in Control

Controls for use in every situation and environment, for every type of door and application.

SHURE STAR offers complete industrial and specialty controls.

We manufacture controls for SHURE STAR products as well as for other door manufacturers and dock equipment. Custom paint and enclosure sizes are available, including stanchions, to simplify installation and offer extra protection. Control systems are NEMA, IEC,  J.I.C. standard and UL508A listed. Panels are equipped to meet OSHA Power Lock-Out requirements as well as all federal, state, and local requirements.

Certified to design, build and label custom industrial control panels (UL508A) since 1967.

SHURE STAR can design and build operators and controls for hazardous classified locations and unique application, industry, and customer specifications - for our products and others.

Design and build options:
• Electrical, electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls and operators
• Relay logic and PLC based systems

Satisfaction assured:
SHURE STAR completes a torque test on every connection and functionally tests every panel.

SHURE STAR sensor activated automatic opening vertical lifting doors in action.

Control Systems

• Loading dock combination control panels
• Push button and automatic door controls
• UL508A labeled systems
• Electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation
• Custom and private labeled
• For hazardous, exterior, or corrosive environments
• Specialty automotive manufacturing spec systems
• Industrial machine controls

Control Options

• Photo electric sensors
• Loop detection
• Motion sensors
• Radio control
• Machine interlock
• Traffic lights
• Bells and alarms
• Strobes

SHURE STAR Has It All - Doors, Controls, Safety Systems, and More!

From specialty controls and safety systems, to experienced and expert resources that help guide you to the perfect product for your application, look to SHURE STAR.


View our gallery of projects organized by configuration type, including variations of Vertical Lift, Swing, Slide, and Fold Doors.

Visit our gallery of successful projects organized by application, showcasing the range of available options.

Safety Systems

SHURE STAR traffic caution systems are designed to address potential hazards in industrial operations to help protect people and equipment.

Replacement Parts

Need a replacement part for a SHURE STAR, Door-Man, or other door? SHURE STAR has you covered. In addition to parts for our doors, we can reverse engineer or re-design and manufacture obsolete, hard to find, and custom parts for doors made by others. Contact us today, we are ready to help!


Whether it’s a bascule bridge, moving expandable truck shelter, or a specialized lift for a museum, we offer unique design solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs.

We Offer Complete Design And Manufacturing For All Your Door Needs.

At SHURE STAR, we design and manufacture specialty doors specifically for your application. From the examples shown here on our website, to original concepts designed specifically to your needs, SHURE STAR remains unmatched in our custom design and fabrication for unusual applications and special requirements.

Design Resources

SHURE STAR specializes in products designed to perform, including blast and pressure resistant, acoustic, environmental, high cycle, high speed, architectural, and more. Using our tools, insight and decades of experience, SHURE STAR will help guide you to the right type of product and design it specifically for your unique circumstances.


Our extensive history in the door and control industry speaks volumes. Since 1918, our innovative solutions have produced major advances in door manufacturing. With our portfolio of impactful projects worldwide, SHURE STAR has the experience to take on your next project. Read more about SHURE STAR.