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Traffic Caution Systems

Traffic Caution Systems from Shure Star, were developed to address the daily hazards of people working with and around industrial forklifts. These systems are available in two types, the ICS or Intersection Caution System, or the VCS or Vehicle Caution System. The ICS/VCS are typically installed over busy forklift intersections, which also include pedestrian crossings. With their flashing signs, horn alerts, and visual domes, the ICS/VCS systems save lives and money!

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Fork Lift Alert - Traffic Caution Systems

Fork Lift Alert – Intended to warn pedestrians of oncoming vehicle traffic.

Intersection Caution System - Traffic Caution Systems

Intersection Caution System – Mirrors reflect oncoming traffic alerting fork lifts and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Caution System - Traffic Caution System

Pedestrian Caution System – Intended to warn fork lifts of oncoming pedestrians.

The video below demonstrates how our safety systems work. Click play and check it out!